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Our Mission

Create a more innovative, resilient, and sustainable Hawaii by enabling personal relationships, professional collaborations, and contributions to the community.

Movers and Shakas aims to bring together purpose-driven remote workers, especially returning kamaʻāina, to actively contribute to Hawaii. The program is rooted in three pillars:


Bring together skilled talent, esp. returning kamaʻāina, to encourage cross-pollination and promote brain gain in sectors that Hawaii is uniquely positioned to lead and are critical to Hawaii’s sustainability.


Responsibly diversify the economy by attracting socially responsible visitors, exploring remote work and volunteer models, and supporting a positive impact on both non-residents and locals.

Caring for Hawaii

Develop a sense of shared stewardship for Hawaiiʻs natural and cultural richness, creating a global network of ambassadors who promote Hawaii’s values.

Bringing M&S to Life

The 50 diverse members of the first cohort participated in cultural orientation workshops, volunteered with local nonprofits and startups on Oahu, and bonded in group workdays around the island. Check out this video for a recap of the inaugural cohort!

How M&S Works

Selected cohort fellows will be welcomed with a free roundtrip ticket to Hawaii, facilitated accommodations (optional; paid by fellow), and authentic local experiences. Our programming provides fellows with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Hawaii, build strong personal relationships, and actively contribute to the community. Learn more below:

Cultural Orientation

Helps cohort fellows understand the historical and current context of Hawaii, allowing them to build stronger personal relationships and connect more deeply with Hawaii.


Allows cohort fellows to contribute their unique professional skillsets and experiences to local nonprofits and startups while learning about Hawaii from community leaders in a reciprocal relationship.

Community Building

Centers around the two-way sharing of knowledge, ideas, and culture to foster strong bonds between individuals, within the cohort, with volunteer partner orgs, and with the general public.

Cohort 2 applications are now closed...

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